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First: thanks to Christin Renner for the pictures. That was a great sunday afternoon in Berlin at Spree Aquarium. Some more workshops and I will know how to use all the different camera types ;-) So not just the participants learn something from me. This was the first act for my new workshop models and they were very exited. They will get some more training at home and will do better next time ;-)

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This workshop had around 15 visitors. I started with a theory introduction into the most important camera settings. ISO, aperture, shutter speed. I also talked about helpful equipment and the right cameraposition. Afterwards we walked over to the two photo tanks I brought along and prepared before the workshop. The participants were now able to practice. In one tank I had two betta males (seperated through a glasspane) and in the other I had several different shrimps. During the practice part I answered the upcomming questions and helped finding the right camera position. Also I talked about the right setup and preparation of a photo tank and how to motivate the models. We all had a great time during this workshop and laughed a lot. The participants told me they all learned a lot and now know what they might have done wrong in the past. Finally I have to say thanks to Oleg Foht for the pictures. I didn’t photograph on this afternoon.¬†